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Projectmanagement (Online - English version)


Goal and accountability 

Getting the best of both  worlds: Classic and agile project management

Speed, flexibility and adaptability are at the core of corporate success 

We all work and live in a VUCA-oriented world: a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. In order to survive and grow in this new reality, companies are increasingly adopting a project-based approach.  

Project management itself too has to adapt to the VUCA-ideas. For this course, we focus on project management skills that, based on our faculty’s resumes, are truly applicable to real-life contemporary projects.  

Whether your organization uses a more classical project management approach (e.g. PMBOK® Guide, Prince2 or similar equivalent) or veers more towards agile project management, in this program our experts will cover both sides of the story. They will concretely outline how you can apply the best methodologies and frameworks from both worlds to implement in a real business context.  

Project Management Game  

Our lecturers are all professionals that still work in the field of Project Management on the daily and want to share their experience by taking you through the most prevalent concepts and techniques at hand.  

No resting on your laurels, after this it’s completely up to you! You cannot learn anything about project management without doing any projects yourself. This is exactly why our Project Management Game is at the core of our program.  

In a newly designed project simulation game, the teams apply the learned techniques step-by-step under the guidance of our lecturers.  Are you making the best choices as a project manager or scrum master? Are you using the best techniques at the right moment? Each game level brings you closer to the realization of your project. Just like in real projects, different factors influence the progress of this realistic project management game. Based on the choices made, you will receive quick feedback and the chance to adjust your project, to step out as a better project manager. 

There is a strong emphasis on group work and team support during the lectures, through the project management game and feedback from our experienced faculty. If you want to get the most out of this training, you should take into account that in addition to the weekly sessions, each team should plan extra time for consultation and joint action in the context of this simulation game. We promise you a realistic, versatile but also intense and above all instructive experience! 

This program is a part of the Postgraduate in industrial corporate policy. 

Target group 

The program is targeting project managers, university graduates and executives who work on projects. Participants with different backgrounds and from different sectors, ensure a multidisciplinary and multifunctional team experience, which also brings you in touch with a variety of company cultures.